Cable scrap

From waste to resources

Cable scrap buys all sorts of cables for reprossesing or scrapping.

We have specialized equipment for reprossesing cables into pure metals, connections to buyers and seasoned experts who make sure we always get the best possible prices, which benefit our clients.

We are happy to set up large or small containers for cables or other metal.

You can always contact us for an offer, regardless of your amount.

Our most common cable grades are:

  • Copper cable without plug +38%cu
  • Copper cable without plug +60%cu
  • Copper cable with plug min. 25%cu
  • Aluminum cable
  • Cu/Fe cable
  • Submarine cable
  • Underground cable
  • Lead cable

Our prices are always competitive and are based on current prices off the London Metal Exchange.

Get an offer for your cable scrap

If you want an offer on pickup or have a larger quantity


Jesper Rossen

Phone: +45 6060 6554