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At Rossen Recycling Company we can pay you over 1000 DKK per catalyst depending on the quality.

Catalysts contain Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium – this makes them very valuable scrap items. The amount of the three precious metals mentioned above varies depending on the type of catalyst and therefore so do the prices as the content of Pt., Rd. and Rh. is what determines the price.

Careful sorting and knowledge are experts in sorting and categorizing catalyst by price. We are very careful during our processing.All sorting and categorizing is done by hand. This allows us to offer you the best prices for all catalysts and makes it possible to settle payment on the spot at either collection or delivery.

Aside from buying individual catalysts, we also offer buying large quantities by undertaking an analytic process. By choosing this solution we crush and pulverize the catalysts making it possible for us to give you the best price based on the content of precious metals.

Maximize your benefits

As mentioned above we offer payment after conducting a full analysis, which allows us to pay you based on the exact amout of precious metals.

If you have large quantities of catalysts, this is the method we recommed for you. Given the varying content of precious metals in each catalyst, analysis is your assurance that you are getting full value for your products.

Our innovative process and accurate analysis shorten the process from worn out catalyst to pure Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

Given our careful processing we are able to adjust our services depending on your needs and offer quick payment.

Straight to the refiner

Our close connections to large refiners shorten the process from collecting catalysts to pure precious metals ready to be sold on the London Metal Exchange.

Catalysts recycling

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