Environmental Policy

Our responsibility

As a player in the Danish recycling industry, we have an increased responsibility for the environment.

We focus a lot on the process of extracting raw materials going the right way, from end to end. The products we receive for recycling are resold to environmentally approved players in the Danish as well as in the international market.

We are environmentally approved and certified in relation to ISO14001, which is an internationally accepted standard that forms the basis of environmental management.

A sustainable process

We have a strong focus on old consumer goods and production surpluses having to go through as few hands as possible, from handing in with us to manufacturing new products.

We ensure this by sorting, cleaning and refining our products so that the product becomes attractive and easy to remelt into new raw materials.

This helps to reduce energy consumption, as we avoid moving the metals more than is absolutely necessary. At the same time, it creates a higher value for our customers, as any expensive intermediaries are sorted out.

With this foundation, we work every day to optimize the process from collecting residual products to extracting raw materials.

Did you know that once steel has been produced, it can be recycled over and over again to infinity.

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