Scrap-cars: Here you have the opportunity to see the various prices for scrap premium delivered as well as picked up. Additionally, you can also read about many general pieces of information that you need to know before considering whether you should sell your car for scrap.

Scrap Prices: If you need to know more about prices for all the products we accept, you can download and read more about how much we pay for your scrap, here.

Scrap we accept

Catalysts: If you’re selling your catalytic converter or just have one lying around that you’re not sure what to do with, you can read about how much a catalytic converter can be sold for, as well as how we handle it, here.

Electronic Scrap: If you’re unsure about what electronic waste actually is and what you can get for your old, dusty electronic waste that’s just sitting at the back of the shelf, you can find out what we pay for it, as well as how we ensure the destruction of your data, here.

Iron and Steel: What is the difference between iron and steel? We explain what the difference is and what we accept for your old scrap, which probably just lies around anyway.

Stainless Steel: See what you can get for your stainless steel and which types of stainless steel we are interested in.

Aluminum Scrap: We also accept aluminum. We have a streamlined process for handling aluminum scrap, which also means you can get the best aluminum price with us.

Copper: If you’re selling copper, we’re happy to accept it. You can receive a price list here that tells you how much you can actually get for your copper scrap.

Cable scrap: Cable scrap isn’t just cables but includes various materials that we are willing to accept. For example, power cables, earth cables, etc.

Lead and Batteries: If you have many batteries and a fair amount of lead lying around, it can be advantageous to sell it to us rather than disposing of it in the local recycling store.

Hardmetal: Here you can read all about hard metal and what it is. We also accept hard metal.

Industrial scrap: Industrial scrap is a broad term that you can learn more about here, including what it is and what we are willing to offer for it.


Scrap Collection: We pick up your scrap. If you have a lot that you don’t have the opportunity or time to dispose of, we offer collection services in almost the entire country, as long as the quantity is large enough.

Container Service: If you have a construction project or simply a significant amount of waste, we provide container services with a container that we both place and pick up when it’s full.

Data Destruction: Are you concerned about modern hacking attacks, or do you just want to ensure that your data is permanently erased without the risk of misuse or resale? You can contact us and even potentially get paid for it if your scrap has value.


Environmental Policy: Here you can read about what we do and what responsibility we take regarding the environment and general sustainability, which is strongly emphasized in our focus.