Scrap cars

From waste to resources

Scrap cars

Rossen Recycling Company has been ISO14001 certified and are approved for paying Rewarding Recycling scheme price for old cars.

Complete cars, delivered: 3000 DKK

Complete cars, pick-up: 2500 DKK

All prices include the mandatory environmental treatment and administration fees.

We offer a pick-up service for your scrap car.

If the car is to be picked up max 50 km from Hedensted, the price:

Price for complete scrap car picked up: DKK 2500.

Price for complete cars: 3000 kr.

The above prices apply when picking up in e.g. Hedensted, Vejle, Horsens, Kolding, Fredericia, Middelfart, Juelsminde and Tørring.

We deregister your car with SKAT free of charge.

We offer to pay the full amount in cash when we collect your car or delivery.

ISO14001 Certificate

Rossen Recycling Company is an ISO14001 certified and approved recipient of scrap cars.