Electronic Scrap

From waste to resources

Electronic Scrap

At Rossen Recycling Company we offer great solutions for your E-scrap.

Recycling of electronic equipment is a growing necessity as technology evolves at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is necessary that you take responsibility and safely get rid of your scraps.

It is therefore important that electronic equipment is handled in a responsible manner so that it can be reused as much as possible. Some electrical appliances are very easy to recycle. The electronic scrap value can therefore be greater than what you would think. In most cases, it is due to the content of very precious raw materials e.g. gold, silver and palladium.

Other equipment is very difficult to recycle due to the content of hazardous waste.

We have the skills to divide and distinguish between valuable electronic equipment, which contains precious raw materials, and electronic waste, which is a problem to dispose of and recycle.

That is why our customers get the best price and service.

We offer i.a.

  • Collection of electronic waste
  • Acquisition of used IT
  • Hard disk drive destruction
  • Individual solutions for companies
  • You can read more in our brochure RRC – Elektronikskrot brochure

Safe destruction of DATA
Rossen Recycling Company offers secure handling and destruction of sensitive personal information.

Among other things, we can offer:

  • Physical destruction of hard drives
  • Photo documentation on the destruction of hard drives
  • Reports documenting the number of hard drives for destruction
  • Reports which contain all serial no. from your supply of hard drives
  • Prices vary according to how extensive you want the data destruction to take place. It also plays a role in allowing the hard drives to be reused and sold after data deletion or if you require a physical destruction of the hard drive.
  • We can always be contacted and hear about what we can do to help you with the used equipment.

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