Electronic Scrap

From waste to resources

At Rossen Recycling Company we offer great solutions for your E-scrap.

Recycling electronics has become a growing necessity due to the evolving tecnology.

Replacement of electronic devices in companies and homes happen frequently to keep up with new tecnology.

At Skrotpriser.dk we feel a responsibility to help recycle as much electronic waste as possible.

Some electronic devices are very easily recycled. The value depends on the content of raw materials such as Gold, Platinum and Palladium.

Other devices are very difficult to recycle, due to their content of hazardous waste.

At Rossen Recycling Company we have the expertise to handle such devices, distinguishing between valuable electronic devices and items containing hazardous waste, making us able to offer you the best service and prices.

We offer:

  • Collection of electronic waste
  • Safe data destruction
  • Costomized solutions for companies
  • Etc.

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