Collection of scrap

From waste to resources

Collection of scrap

We guarantee fast and accurate settlements

Rossen Recycling Company collects scrap from all parts of Denmark. We collect using our own truck in Mid Jutland, Southern Jutland and Fyn. Collection in other geographical areas is outsourced to a trucking company.

By choosing to have us collect you must have at least 1000 kg. The scrap has to be piled up and there must be space enough for us to easily drive in and out with our truck and crane.

Our truck is equipted with a display indicating how many kg. are being loaded, but a precise weight has to be determined by a truck scale.

The weight can be determined on our truck scale or a scale near you, whichever suits you best. However a scale near your collection point will make the process faster and offers you greater security as the weight can be agreed on with both parties present.

We settle payment as soon as the weight is determined.

Demolition and deconstruction

Safe and effective demolition!

At we also undertake demolition asignments.

We have a lot of experience with deconstruction and have the necessary safety certificates to ensure that the work is done professionally, safely and effectively.

It is our job to sort all waste correctly, so that wherever possible, it can be recycled.

We offer competitive prices per hour or per project, whichever is best suited for the task.

Delivering to us

Get the best price!

You achieve the best price for your iron and metal scrap if you deliver it at our address.

We have established a 16.000 m2 scrap yard in Hedensted between Vejle and Horsens. We are pleased to welcome you with your iron, metal or old scrap car.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Sunday: closed

*Scrap deliveries with a total value of less than Dkk 100,- is not being paid.

Get an offer

If you want an offer on pickup or have a larger quantity


Jesper Rossen

Phone: +45 6060 6554